слова песни Vanilla Ice - Love 2 Love U, текст песни Vanilla Ice - Love 2 Love U

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слова песни Vanilla Ice - Love 2 Love U

(Performed by Partners in Kryme Featuring Debbe Cole)

L-O-V-E 2 L-O-V-E U
L-O-V-E 2 L-O-V-E U

When it comes to love
I'm your M-A-N,
I put your heart to the test again and again
I got you coming up to air
Better check your pulse
This is multiple choice
Or true or false
Now here is the question, A, B or C
Do you feel you can deal with a man like me
Well if the answer is yes, no or maybe
You're still gonna love to love me baby...

When it'slate at night
I dream of holding you tight
There is a world of love that we must explore
Whenever you are near
It becomes so clear
I made you feel things you never felt before
When our bodies touch, it becomes too much
To diffuse this bomb you need the code
Now our temperatures rise and it's no surprise
You've just run out of time
I'm gonna explode

Love 2 love U, baby

When I'm all alone
I sit by the phone
Wishing, hoping that you'll call
So I can talk to you about the things I do
You know I'm such a trip
That you're gonna fall
Run but you can't hide
Forget about my pride
I'm not too proud to beg
It's you that I crave
Yes, I'm in control
I want your heart and soul
And before I'm through you'll be my slave
Cause when you're lysing so close to me
There is no place I'd rather you be
Than with me, here
Ahh, love 2 love U, baby

Girl I'm like a panther
I've got the answer
Cool and smooth
You move like a dancer
You delight me, ignite and excite me
The others like to play the game
But you never fight me
Can't resist you
You know that I missed you
Caught inside your web
From the moent I kissed you
You love to love me
I know that you do
But believe it or not
I love to love you too

And you like my touch
so much that you shiver
Like the post office
I'm gonna deliver
With next day service
So don't get nervous
So put up a sign
Please don't disturb us
Rub your body with lotion
Whisper sweet nothing
Drop the love potion
Well you can kiss, squeeze or hug or rub me
Cause girl you're gonna
Love to love me

When you are lygin so close to me
There is no place
I'd rather you be

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слова песни Vanilla Ice - Love 2 Love U

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