слова песни Wynonna Judd - The Wyld Unknown, текст песни Wynonna Judd - The Wyld Unknown

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слова песни Wynonna Judd - The Wyld Unknown

Everybody read about it
You can find it in the checkout line
They say I got husbands a-leavin', boyfriends a-callin'
And problems that ain't even mine
Well, all that trash don't bother me none
It's all just part of the game
I'm just a good-hearted down-home country girl
And you all know my name


I like to ride
I need my space
And I love being at home
But if you wanna' get right into my heart
Take a left at the wyld unknown
The wyld unknown

You don't wanna' cross my little mama
And you sure don't wanna mess with me
'Cause there's a wild streak running down from the roots
To the top of my family tree
I'm a woman of passion, a woman of faith
As honest as I can be
To tell you the truth, I'm bulletproof
So take your best shot at me

(Repeat Chorus)


The wyld unknown
I'll show you somethin' that
You ain't never been shown

Whenever trouble finds me
I always take my share of the blame

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слова песни Wynonna Judd - The Wyld Unknown

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