слова песни Wynonna Judd - That Was Yesterday, текст песни Wynonna Judd - That Was Yesterday

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слова песни Wynonna Judd - That Was Yesterday

ItЎЇs finally over
But I canЎЇt even cry
So, donЎЇt you give me no sweet talk
You done told your last lie

I was your puppet
Just a dancinЎЇ, dancinЎЇ on a string
But when the sun went down last night,
Lord, it changed everything

Today I feel different
Ў®Cause now I can see
That you care more Ў®bout yourself
Than mistreatinЎЇ me

It took me a long time
To figure you out
But misery and pain
AinЎЇt what loves all about


I was your woman
But ya threw it away
I used to be your very own
Custom made, love slave, do anything for you, little fool
But that was yesterday
That was yesterday

And so it goes
Another lesson gets learned
And in the big book of experience
Another page gets turned

Now you say you need me
Well, honey, you got some nerve

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слова песни Wynonna Judd - That Was Yesterday

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