слова песни Wild Orchid - Declaration, текст песни Wild Orchid - Declaration

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слова песни Wild Orchid - Declaration

(Manuel Seal)
If I told you once
I've told you a thousand times
But you never listen to me
I just wanna be free to live
To live my life
I don't want your thoughts
Or your opinions of me

You think you tell me what I wanna know
But I only listen
To what I need to hear
So much drama I don't understand
] How you make nothing
Sound so sincere

I'm gonna do what I wanna do
Say what I wanna say
Be who I wanna be baby (Repeat)

You're always trying to tell me
Where I can go
Or who it is that I can socialize with, baby
But as long as I don't hurt no one
Or break no laws

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слова песни Wild Orchid - Declaration

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