слова песни Youngstown - Sugar, текст песни Youngstown - Sugar

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слова песни Youngstown - Sugar

Verse 1:
I never knew
What that honey could do
She was a mystery.
Somebody fooled around
And landed in love,
And that somebody was me

B- Verse:
And she gave me chocolate covered kisses
With her candy coated lips and
I feel the rush everytime we touch.
I'm trippin when I'm near her cause
There ain't nobody sweeter.

She's my sugar (she's my sugar)
And she's alright.
Everything about my baby's so tight.
She gives me Sugar (sugar, sugar, sugar)
She gives it all night.
Never knew that it could feel so good, feel so good.
She's my sugar.

Verse 2:
No need to tell her,
She knows what I like.
My baby's got that cinnamon touch.
Sugar and spice, body so nice
You never give me too much.

B- Verse:
All her chocolate covered kisses
And her candy coated lips and
I feel the rush everytime we touch
I'm bettin all my money, that she'll always be my honey

She's my sugar (she's my sugar)

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слова песни Youngstown - Sugar

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