слова песни Withered Garden - Master Melancholia, текст песни Withered Garden - Master Melancholia

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слова песни Withered Garden - Master Melancholia

I see the bonfire
I feel it dancing
Before me
I hear the rain

Pouring down
Around me
The bonfire burns
Alone, with me

In the woods
The rain falls
Around me
The circle of fire

He waits for the fire
To stop burning
He creeps
Around the circle

Master melancholia, he gets me
The sad feeling, they get me
So mighty, so strong
My mind is in your hands, melancholia

Darkness in the woods, sun has died
The dancing fire, my only light
Fire of hope, stabbed to death
By the cold, blades of rain

I can feel his desire
The need in his eyes burns my soul
He waits for his time to reach through the flames
Reach for my soul to satisfy his hunger

I don't feel safe, terror lurks in my mind
Bonfire has stopped burning, his time has come
Darkness imprisons me, I feel his fatal touch
In the woods, non can hear my screams

The rain still falls around me

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слова песни Withered Garden - Master Melancholia

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