слова песни Waltari - To Give, текст песни Waltari - To Give

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слова песни Waltari - To Give

Are you in now?
Are you in now babe?

Hello from nowhere
Hello you backwards
It seems to be realy cold out there
Better keep a long distance

Nice to meet you, funny guy, you
look so sad, moving around and
Clap your hands, clap your feet,
make your way through blindfolded
Every night, every day, where your
head goes it's the wrong way
Step ahead, step behind
everywhere, all the same kind

Isolation seems to be what you
You were trying, but now the beast
is in your head

I see the Wall Street
I see high buildings
Too much to take, too little to give
Strange, you're still aiming to the
couds, anyway!

Isolation is the state we'll keep you in
Still we're worrying, worrying 'bout
your head spinnin'
See me fying, I would have so
much to give
But you're lazy, you just need more
things for living

Beat it, leave it, baby, beat it

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слова песни Waltari - To Give

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