слова песни Voivod - Killing Technology, текст песни Voivod - Killing Technology

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слова песни Voivod - Killing Technology

Thinking about another project
How the hell are they gonna make it
Anyway nobody's gonna object
Even if they make shit
Now you better get wise
Lasers passing through the sky
For me there's no alternative
This sphere is a bad place to live
Growing technology
Fooling technology
Killing technology!!!
The star wars have started up
The new invention is coming out
Making a spider web over the atmosphere
To make them sure that we can't get out of here
Computers controlling your functions
Seems like we got electronic alienation
Trading children for a new kind of robot
Waiting for the old people to disappear
Growing technology
Fooling technology
Killing technology!!!
Use the killing technology
How can I destroy the enemy
Security plans are not easy to find
That's my generation, the nonsense time
You lose your function
You're just a substitute
You lose your function
Glad to see you change
You've got automatic moves
Take your pills to have energy
And sit down in your robotic living room
People are gonna progress

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слова песни Voivod - Killing Technology

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