слова песни Virgin Steele - Serpent's Kiss, текст песни Virgin Steele - Serpent's Kiss

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слова песни Virgin Steele - Serpent's Kiss

Music and lyrics: De Feis)
The Serpent to Adam and Eve:
"If Heaven is higher and death is a dream
Cast away virtue it's not what it seems
In whiteness descending the souls steals a star
Creates a new Heaven in sin where you are"

The Serpent to Cain:
"Sons of Cain, agonize, bring forth then die
Your children will multiply- tear Heaven down...
With a Serpent's kiss, with a Serpent's kiss..."

The Serpent to Eve (in turn, Eve to Adam):
"Black superstition, denied by your sire
The golden elixir- promethean fire
Quick is unguarded delight in its taste
Indulge in your passion, be quick, make haste."

The Serpent to Mankind:
"Sons of pain, agonize, bring forth then die
Your sorrows will multiply and you shall share my fall..."

Voice of Adam:
"Eve we were mistaken to listen to his words
Black heart and false fatal guile
Now judgement is swift, his wrath is profound
Eden is lost to us now
Driven to wander in sorrow and shame
Immortal no longer we blame you!!!"

The Serpent's reply:
"Bastards, forsaken cast from his grace
Bask in the light of my fall
Now suffer and weep, my hatred runs deep
The jaws of regret smite you all
From out of the mire, the filth and the fire
My legions, my furies unbound!!!
I'm no longer waiting, my eyes are not blind
My arrows streaming, carve a path through the light"

Voice of God:
"Now you listen, now you learn of fathomless night
Cast down in wrath, cast down in flame, olympian might
Chained to Earth, my kongdom comes first
Down with you, into the fire!!"

The Serpent's reply:
"Wailing, screaming, roaring loud, my reign begins
'Tis better to rule than merely to serve
My hate will bring down Elysian stones... Taste the Serpent's Kiss....

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слова песни Virgin Steele - Serpent's Kiss

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