слова песни Violence - Subterflige, текст песни Violence - Subterflige

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слова песни Violence - Subterflige

Music: Flynn, DemmelLyrics: Killian

Deceiving Face Fits Perfect Like A Glove
In The Camera Eye Of This World.
A Pocket Lie, I Don't Know Why.
Subterflige Works On You.
A Major Voice, Forked In An Eastern Block
States What Is True Is What You've Heard
But What They've Heard Is Slightly Blurred.
Subterflige Works On You.
I Don't Knows, Become I Forgots
In A Covered Statement To Our Press, Protect
The Man, His Shining Hand.
Subterflige Works On You.
Feeding Fool Public, Have A Taste And Swallow
Just What They've Pasted To You
Convict Them Not, Deception Walks.
Subterflige Works On You.
Malignant, Infected, Disease Of Two Face.
Public Elected, And Put Into Place.
Virus Detected.
Most Are Dumb, And Often Easily Fooled
By The Blinding Statements That You Make.
I'm Not Their Kind, I See You Fine.
Subterflige, Don't Work For You.
Open Your Mouth, And Stupid Comes Out
And It's Often Followed By A Prayer.
Forget Them God, Their Intentions Are

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слова песни Violence - Subterflige

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