слова песни Viking - Creative Divorce, текст песни Viking - Creative Divorce

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слова песни Viking - Creative Divorce

Music: Brett Eriksen, Matt JordanLyrics: Ron Eriksen

(Solo: Brett)
A year ago, it was the light of my life
Infatuated and devoted was I
Matrumony forever? I find revolting the thought
I need an escape, need to pick the wedlock

To be released from my vow and epithalamium
Now emotions are pure where I felt only numb
Won't grant me my freedom, we'll still separate
Dissolution - a parting of the ways

Too late to annul, so I plan her demise
Creative Divorce - Asphyxiate the bride
Where once was love is only loathe and dislike
Creative Divorce - To do away with my wife

You say I can't break it - I'd like to break you
You can live or just die, but I'm saying it's through
As a lifetime companion, it's ball and chain
Either total detachment, or my constricted airway


His immortality will be my release
I have reached the end - my life's new lease
I knew that better half would be better off dead
Situation was revolting - cut it all at the head

(Solo:Brett, Ron, Brett)

How far it might have gone - I'd rather not say
She got out of hand - So I killed Mary Jane
The addiction to her - well it had to be tamed
The source of corrodion was how it ended in flames

Too late to annul, so I paln her demise

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слова песни Viking - Creative Divorce

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