слова песни Viking - Winter, текст песни Viking - Winter

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слова песни Viking - Winter

Music: Brett Eroksen, Ron EriksenLyrics: Ron Eriksen

The change of seasons passes
Neverending iwth the day
The wizard we call winter
Can bring storms into our bays
First we pray for sunshine
Then we plead for rain
But the deadly time of year
Is the season we cannot change

Tramping through the snowdrifts
We'veweary and battle fatigued
Anticipating ambush
At every rustling tree
We're two months away from death
Trudging ever onward
Frostbitten feet and frozen breath

White winter brings the new-fallen snow
Nature's eulogy for sin
The coming of winter, a season of love
And the waging of war between men

Headed for a battlefield where we will surely die
Our fate is written in the stars tonight
Our future changes, though I know not how
Destiny is changed - now!

A wizard upon us , eyes blazing, spells spewing from his mouth
Flames leaps from his hands, hallucinations
We will never know as we're engulfed in flames
Oh, to die this way, when we're defenseless
At the hands of this occult master gone insane...

Awaken shackled, and my men are here
As for my comrades, two are dead I fear
Until I see life in both of them
Torchlight approaches - here!

An old man unlocks me, and the rest of my men as he speaks these words
"I am Krakenaus, you must follow me,
We will escape from this forsaken pit of hell!
Now come quickly, if we're discovered
You will suffer a fate that is worse than death!"

(Solo: Brett, Ron, Brett, Ron)

Following a stranger, I'm dependent for life
Hoping the man is not a deceiver
The walls are getting cold, we must be nearing an out
In Krakenaus I am now a believer

Running blind through the flurry of snow
Guided only by the page of a master
We know the wizard's here, he has pursued us this night

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слова песни Viking - Winter

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