слова песни Viking - Twilight Fate, текст песни Viking - Twilight Fate

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слова песни Viking - Twilight Fate

Music: Ron Eriksen, Brett EriksenLyrics: Ron Eriksen

Children working overtime
To satisfy his whims
Off scot free? Well I think not
The three invade his dreams...

You won't be back toMorrow Vic
Sneak preview never comes
What a waste for just a taste
Of blood filling your lungs

He took away two children's lives
For entertainment's sake
No thoughts for naught but his alone
Their blood was his to slake

Where were the stunt men paid so much
To take away the risk?
The government inspectors
Preventing things like this

Decapitaion brings frustration
And sorrow to the soul
All the lawyers getting rich
In this the headless hole


(Solo: Ron, solo: Brett)

Children working overtime
A fate we'd surely dread
Please, just one last question sir
Did they ever find his head?


The man who brought us fantasy
Has stung us with reality

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слова песни Viking - Twilight Fate

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