слова песни Viking - White Death, текст песни Viking - White Death

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слова песни Viking - White Death

Music: Brett EriksenLyrics: Ron Eriksen

The stench of blood will permeate a thousand miles around
Know that the strongest one will be there within seconds
Gracefully horrifying, the fin cuts the water
Viciuos selachii is ready to devour

(Solo: Ron)

Tail pushing left and right, a living flesh disposal
An unfelt touch against its grain would shred a hand to ribbins
Megatons of crushing power exerted on three hundred points
Conveyor belt of teeth makes sure that all will feel...

Time and tme again
He must prove his formidability
Preying on the unsuspecting ones
Only need to masticate
White Death
This has stood the test of centuries
Preying on the unsuspecting ones
Only need to masticate
White Death

(solo: Brett, solo: Ron)

His eyes roll back and upper jaw is thrust out and
Cutting skin so easily and thrashing side to side so that
Now the wound inflicted will finish started work so he's
Circling the bleeding prey until it is anemic

(Solo: Brett)

Foolish man lowers his steel shark cage and

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слова песни Viking - White Death

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