слова песни Vehement - Overtrolled, текст песни Vehement - Overtrolled

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слова песни Vehement - Overtrolled

(All lyrics are copyright and reserved by Vehement)
Killing for pleasure
Enjoying the pain
No one to answer
No one to blame
Enticing the masses
Denying the claims
Yesterday's liars
Shame of today
Unify greed and conquer them all
Never a break in the storming Onslaught
Unstoppable force slighting the meek
Sensing revolt and limit the reach
Attacking the innocent with no reprieve
Treating the acts and thoughts as disease
Forever claiming that wars on the eve
Cancerous take over conquering the show
Intruding invading so undisclosed
Assuming the masses will never know
Deceiving the voices dishonor and fight
Create a fasade solid with lies
Liberties are weak and thin
Abusement by leadership
Willingness to avoid
Standards that are now destroyed
Libelous through the deeds
Ingenius loop holed free
Extradite and false contract
Security is under attack
Broken Down
Worn Away
Trapped within the cycle of time

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слова песни Vehement - Overtrolled

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