слова песни Running Wild - Raise Your Fist, текст песни Running Wild - Raise Your Fist

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слова песни Running Wild - Raise Your Fist

Friday night, dressed to kill, hell bent for the show
Shiny leather like a second skin, ready for their first row
You want to go meet your pals, but your dad won't let you go
He's to tally blind, babbling wild, and he rages and he blows

"I don't want you boy to live my house this way!
Your awful friends are gonna lead you astray
You better work for school don't join this fucking show
I won't let you go ! "

Come on kids unite and let us feel the flame of rage
Together we are strong so let's tear up this golden cage
We shall overcome repression and their stranding strings
The shackles have to fall and we will be metallian kings
Raise your fist

Monday morning, ringing school-bell, homework isn't done
Teacher's gonna break your balls, don't expect no fun
The jailor's wild and furious, classmates deride you
The wrath is overwhelming you, can't stand this fucking crew !

"I don't want you scums let me get away from here
I don't want to be a cogwheel in your gear
I'm not a marionette in your boring puppet show
So let me go ! "

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слова песни Running Wild - Raise Your Fist

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