слова песни Running Wild - Beggar's Night, текст песни Running Wild - Beggar's Night

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слова песни Running Wild - Beggar's Night

lood, blood, bloody night
The poor stand up and fight
Marquises, kings and all this vermin
Hunted up in burning streets
Fight, fight, fight with rage
Their menials are locked up in cage
The spirit of the rebel lives
Determined to break free

We stand up to break our chains
Rulers beware
We'll give you suffer and pain
On beggar's night
Riot terminates our pain
We'll catch you in your air
You have to pay for your blame
On beggar's night

Sin, sin, whip and chain
That's the way they lived and reigned
Too many people died in their dungeon
Now pain's too hard if it's for their profit
Beast, beast, go away
No reason why you have to stay
The wealth you squeezed out of our lives

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слова песни Running Wild - Beggar's Night

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