слова песни Running Wild - Mordor, текст песни Running Wild - Mordor

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слова песни Running Wild - Mordor

In the centre of the empire of darkness
Black fortress stands might and proud
The shelter for the traced and tortured
For the one who's damned
A dragon is watching for fortress
Black knights are controlling the land
To save their proteges from torment
They fight to defend

Rancour, against all raiders
Beware, if you're renegade's hunter
Watch out in slough's haze
Vigilance, 'cause death waits
Recourse, to the traced
Be calm, they'll give you shelter
Restless, they fight for freedom
Never, they don't let you fall


A shoal of the knights of torture
Are hunting a witch to the dell
Sullen shades are raiding their squad
Church's minions fell
A black knight leads through the mire
And in mordor she finds a new life
A life without pain and torment
No murder, no lies

Rancour, against all raiders

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слова песни Running Wild - Mordor

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