слова песни Razor - Shotgun Justice, текст песни Razor - Shotgun Justice

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слова песни Razor - Shotgun Justice

music and lyrics by Dave Carlo

You took it for granted, you thought I would leave
Your friends were in the bar, you picked a fight
You never expected that I was protected
You never saw the danger in your sight
In shock, your friends all around you
See you lying in a pool of red
It's quiet, the bar becomes silent
They can't accept the fact that you're dead
Rednecks, your friends all started crying
Too bad they never realized
Justice, my shotgun justice left you paralyzed
You thought I had left but I went to my car
I came back with my shotgun too
Returned in a minute, I fired my rounds
And now there's nothing left of you
I never look for trouble, but if trouble comes around
I've got the shortest fuse of any psychopath in town
You should't talk to strangers, there might be a price to pay
Too late to change your attitude you just got blown away
Itchy trigger, finger I reacted instantly
No one else will have to deal with your mentality

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слова песни Razor - Shotgun Justice

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