слова песни Razor - Nine Dead, текст песни Razor - Nine Dead

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слова песни Razor - Nine Dead

Music by Dave Carlo; Lyrics by Bob Reid

Puddles of bloodstains on the floor was all that they could find
They knew he's insane and he'd kill again but they didn't act in time
Never a witness, never a clue. no one heard the cries
There isn't a suspect, they don't have a lead. I ask "can they solve the crime?"
Killer on the loose
Down goes the sun, now the night has begun and there's panic on the streets
Swift as the wind as the fear's settin' in cause tonight nobody sleeps
There isn't a motive, no sign of remorse. there's no clue to where he creeps
He's wicked, he's out there. an evil disorder, lusting while he reaps
There's a killer on the loose
A whisper, a shadow, you feel he's behind you
Your heart's beating faster, you're reaching for air

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слова песни Razor - Nine Dead

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