слова песни Rancid - Junkie Man, текст песни Rancid - Junkie Man

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слова песни Rancid - Junkie Man

The common man doesn't suffer pain like this only the soul that has never been
kissed let us adore our beautiful son he's ridin' on the River of Babylon
bootin' up, shootin' up bring on the brightness see the son of god is comin'
up and I see a likeness internalize the lunacy of the misery is showin' when
you're brought up you're caught up in a system that's goin' no one answers no
one takes that call from you junkyman tell me what your story is... water I
despise some parents house is on fire slowly the house gonna burn to the
ground the naighborhood will watch will someone be a witness please tell me
that he's crazy but he's not and they know that and they can't get him cause
he's not crazy beat lock him knock him take him away his authority hit 'em,
ship 'em, club 'em submitted conformity my hand went blind clairvoyant I make
love to my trance sister my trance sister went on and my trance parents see

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слова песни Rancid - Junkie Man

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