слова песни Malevolent Creation - Slaughter Of Innocence, текст песни Malevolent Creation - Slaughter Of Innocence

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слова песни Malevolent Creation - Slaughter Of Innocence

Mind of the tormented, twisted arcane.
Born from the black bowels of hate.
Psychotic cringe, from any light of good.
The sight of blood is only understood.
Piercing the body to release the life.
Another soul to steal, stalking in the night.
Feel the wrath of a soul wired to the core of pure power.
Power sent to crush, mean to destroy and dismantle.
Wielding tools of demise set to conquer lives, Total retribution.
No lives are spared, his goal, his hate.
His hate, this hates, his hate.

The seething feeling writhes from inside.
Now you taste the corners of it's mind.
It's acrid bile clutches at your throat.
Rips you open, achieving attack mode.

Your body is not your own, subconscious overthrown.
Corpse still warm lying still. Another body bag to fill.

Slaughter of innocence. Die motherfucker!

Blood upon his blade, set fourth to annihilate.
Crushing life and limb to dust.
Never enough to fulfill his bloodlust.
Random kill of chance, victim of innocence.
Can not be silenced.
Instinct to murder.
Tasting the power to destroy.

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слова песни Malevolent Creation - Slaughter Of Innocence

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