слова песни Malevolent Creation - Sadistic Perversity, текст песни Malevolent Creation - Sadistic Perversity

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слова песни Malevolent Creation - Sadistic Perversity

(Music: Fasciana, Blachowicz; Lyrics: Blachowicz)
Immorals strike may scarify
Hunting for your should
Gasp in awe, witnessing death
End of glory born

Destroy the throne, impale his might
Blessed in blood and tears
Mortify them, crush their home
Desecrate the lair, lair

Defy the sacred, rape the whore
Waste all those who flee
This is my body and my blood
All shall taste my feast

Exhort to learn the technique of sacrilege
Apostasy of true faith, desecrate
Plague of abomination, inflicting hate
Abolish all the children, fatality, exhort

Combusting altar, disaster unleashed
Forlorn ashes fall
Barren vatican, forsaken praise
Sarcastic heresy, fall

Copulate, heave the wench, offered soul, pain in flesh
Tormented being of rage, delivering the pain
Fraudful preacher falsifies, affiance decays
Fall of the evangelist, no posterity
Superior possession, amits regnancy, pain

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слова песни Malevolent Creation - Sadistic Perversity

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