слова песни Jethro Tull - Pussy Willow, текст песни Jethro Tull - Pussy Willow

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слова песни Jethro Tull - Pussy Willow

In the half-tone light of a young morning
She sighs and shifts on the pillow
And across her face dancing, the first shadows fly
To kiss the Pussy Willow.

In her fairy-tale world she's a lost soul singing
In a sad voice nobody hears
She waits in her castle of make - believing
For her white knight to appear.

Pussy Willow - down fur - lined avenue
Brushing the sleep from her young woman eyes
Runs for the train - see, eight o'clock's coming
Cutting dreams down to size again.

She longs for the East and a pale dress flowing
An apartment in old Mayfair
Or to fish the Spey, spinning the first run of Spring
Or to die for a cause somewhere.

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слова песни Jethro Tull - Pussy Willow

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