слова песни Insatanity - The Threat, текст песни Insatanity - The Threat

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слова песни Insatanity - The Threat

Almond eyes stare at me
Beckoning menacingly
Icy pools of blackness
Reflecting my horror

Demons of the cosmos
Malevolent entities
Sinister beings from Elsewhere
They've come for my soul



Senses stricken
So surreal...
Is this a dream?

Unable to scream
What is being done to me?

Taken in the dark of night
Aboard a craft of immense proportions
Restrained by beings not of this earth
Thrust upon a table of steel
Blinding lights surround me
Burning my eyes

Slender fingers grasp at me
Rubbery flesh so pale and cold
My body probed, genetic samples taken
Devices implanted under my skin

My memory wiped
Traumatized then returned to my life
A life that will never be the same again

Memory slowly returning
Reliving the horror in vivid detail

Doubting my own mind
Can I trust my senses
Is what I've been through real
Or am I just insane
Paranoia rampant

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слова песни Insatanity - The Threat

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