слова песни Infernal Majesty - Black Infernal World, текст песни Infernal Majesty - Black Infernal World

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слова песни Infernal Majesty - Black Infernal World


From, the inception of time I've always been there
And you, and you, and you have followed, or feared me
You study my writings, interpret their meanings
Continually drawing your own pathetic conclusions
All, your great minds, with all, their brilliance
You still have yet unearthed the secret of life, in the here after
Veiled, it surrounds you
Evoking, thy guidance, from, the darkness
I will take control, of your faltering existence
Resolving, all your inner unexposed, dark feelings
Leading you, further from divine
Am I Lord, of the Underworld?
Caretaker of the souls, of the wicked dead?
Tempting you with promises of wealth and power?
Diabolic pact of which I own your soul?
Master, of this wasteland
I control, your fragile soul
I am, the Adversary tempting you all through your life

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слова песни Infernal Majesty - Black Infernal World

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