слова песни Infernal Majesty - Night Of The Living Dead, текст песни Infernal Majesty - Night Of The Living Dead

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слова песни Infernal Majesty - Night Of The Living Dead

Incantations,spoken at the stroke of midnight,exhume the bodies from their timeless slumber
Soulless participants in this unholy ritual the dead crawl from their earthen prisons
Bodies decayed beyond recognition they amass,prepare nightmares from the darkest recesses of your imagination

Tormented by lusty unquenchable thirst for blood they are driven on
Loosed of the shackles and free of the grave their vengeance knows no bounds
Raging hunger pierces the black,in the flicker of their morbid gaze
Creatures of evil spawned and spewn from the depths of hell
Moaning with desire for the flesh of the unsuspecting victims of their attack
wanton destruction burns in their hearts as they enter the land of the living...


Rise frenzied lust for flesh.Your blood seeps through my chest
You are the living death.Storming god's planet earth

Shambling gait downcast eyes retrogress from the grave
Empithely spewing pus from their lifeless veins
Decayed legions cast from Hades rotting lungs exposed
Maggots feed and the smell of death overcomes and cripples all
Lifeless emissaries of evil crazed by the pleasure of their vile inhumanities
Wretched outcasts of the underworld condemned to roam the earth and kill all that lives...

Unholy terror stalking prey acherontic plague of death gods' lost souls show no mercy for your life...
The uypers of darkness are near.Necrophilic lust revulsive pelvic thrust your body split open life is
still flowing blackened hell has swallowed the skies morbid corpses march to die.

They will march for satan demon guardians of the damned vile haunting soulless creatures satan's legions of the dead

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слова песни Infernal Majesty - Night Of The Living Dead

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