слова песни Infected - Infected Generation, текст песни Infected - Infected Generation

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слова песни Infected - Infected Generation

Had I had a fucking gun
I would shoot your ass and run
I'm already off n'gone
I'm in immigration

Find a reason to relax
Don't you know about sex
'Dout pretty female legs
'Dout satisfaction

You can see her body
Near is nobody
Now we're getting clother
Guess she'll never know you
Tear her dress and get inside
Nevermind the female pride

Closed inside her flash I'm lonely
Mad about foot I'm hungry
There's a lot of meat - my mommy
I so want to eat,god damn it

Please my mouth,please my stomach-
I'm so hungry
Don't be cruel,don't be fool-
Cause I'm so angry
Deep inside i belive in quick salvation
And I solve by myself this situation

During emptiness inside her wombs
And I wish I had some fucking bombs
I'd explose her flash and get outside
If I had some dinamite and might

But I have only jaws and no more patiense
Very soon I'll end up with prep arations
I will bite till the end of all the seasons
And I'll get outside from this dark prison

Now I feel taste of her body
It's delisious,it's O.K.
Now I'm drinking blood,I'm thirsty
It is liquid anyway
My way

Look around mother-nature
Grass and trees n'fuckin' sun
Mommy,mommy,where is duddy?
I'm so lonely,I'm just one
Just one

It's so beautiful around me
And I don't know what I've to do
With her boddy,which lays under my feet
In blood n'roses
They all are great guys
They playing with me,they singing 'bout me
And nothing ever'll tear us apart

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слова песни Infected - Infected Generation

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