слова песни Incubus - Certain Accuracy, текст песни Incubus - Certain Accuracy

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слова песни Incubus - Certain Accuracy

(Lyrics: Francis, Moyses/Music:Francis)
Inventions that shine
Only hope and thoughts that reflects in our minds
Manmade machineries
Futuristic and advanced devices
Trying to get it right every time
Not accepting the pain of failure
When back to the starting point
Again they will try

A first
And a third time
To a certain accuracy that is absurd

Creations that can bring us to an end
In different ways


Religion and politics
Are all overrated
Like many things in life
A human
Will never be able to control
Those situations
Whatever mankind does and builds to serve
And protect us might also send us to our graves

Our ways to fatal errors
With no turning back


With or without confidence
And also preparing for whatever might go wrong
Discovering is a hard task to face
And finding the solution is what instinctively
Does our face until the world reaches to a higher ground
With anxiety
And pain


Creation for both uses
To whom it may seem
That it can be right or wrong
Human imperfections and method of corrections

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Incubus: Incubus — американская альтернативная рок-группа, созданная в 1992 году. Начали они с фанк-рока, позаимствовав многое у Red Hot Chili Peppers. Потихоньку саунд группы трансформировался по мере добавления в музыку элементов рэпкора и пост-гранжа. В 1995 году в коллективе появился диджей Лайф, при участии которого на свои деньги ребята... дальше >>

слова песни Incubus - Certain Accuracy

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