слова песни Impious - Extreme Pestilence, текст песни Impious - Extreme Pestilence

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слова песни Impious - Extreme Pestilence

Lyrics: Valle AdzicMusic: Valle Adzic

You can't escape!
Trapped in this world where no one goes
Alone forever and no one knows
You're the grace of haze not insane
This sacred faith is to blame
You shouldn't bleed,
you shouldn't fall
You're enslaved and there's no fucking sense at all

Violence rains down upon the earth
Heaven denied cause heaven is cursed
Candles burn lighting your world
But still you remain in the dark
Damn those fates
and damn those fucking lies
Don't you try to run
cause god can't cure your pain
His fleshless grin met your face so vexed
With a whisper he said,
"You're next"

Hidden in darkness
till the light interferes
Why do you care to see
through those fears?
I fear the day when you will pray
For peace, for life to be taken away But the darker it gets,
the stronger you'll feel
The darker you think,
the faster you heal
Rise up!
Erase those scars in your eyes
And realize that there's no paradise

Temptress of the light
savagely ripped you apart
As innocent hate comes pouring
through your heart
Like a fool you say,

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слова песни Impious - Extreme Pestilence

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