слова песни Genesis - Harold The Barrel, текст песни Genesis - Harold The Barrel

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слова песни Genesis - Harold The Barrel

News: A well-known Bognor restaurant-owner disappeared
early this morning.
Last seen in a mouse-brown overcoat,
suitably camouflaged,
they saw him catch a train.

"Father of three its disgusting"
"Such a horrible thing to do"
Harold the Barrel cut off his toes and he served them all for tea
"He can't go far", "He can't go far".
"Has'nt got a leg to stand on"
"He can't go far".

I'm standing in a doorwayon the main square
tension is mounting
There's a restless crowd of angry people
Man-on-the-council: "More than we're ever seen
- had to tighten up security"

Over to the scene at the town hall
The Lord Mayor's ready to speak

"Man of suspicion, you can't last long, the British Public
is on our side"

"You can't last long", "You can't last long".
"Said you could'nt trust him, his brother was just the same"
"You can't last long".

HAROLD. If I was many miles from here,
I'd be sailing in an open boat on the sea
Instead I'm on this window ledge,
With the whole world below
Up at the window
Look at the window
Mr. Plod: "We can help you"
Plod's Chorus: "We can help you"
Mr. Plod: "We're all your friends if you come on down and talk
to us son"
HAROLD: You must be jocking
Take a running jump

The crowd was getting stronger and our Harold
getting weaker;
Forwards, backwards, swaying side to side
Fearing the very worst
They called his mother to the sight

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слова песни Genesis - Harold The Barrel

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