слова песни Genesis - Alone Tonight, текст песни Genesis - Alone Tonight

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слова песни Genesis - Alone Tonight

There's nothing here that I can understand
And no one cares I'm a lonely man
I touch your face and I don't know why
I call your name but you're going by
Now I'm alone again.

I have no name for each and every day
Until the year is done and fades away
There's a time in between the two
The old years gone by but it's not the new
And I,
I know that'll be all
Alone again, alone again tonight oh I'm
Alone again, alone again tonight oh I'm
Alone again, it seems to me that every time I try to change
Say that you're say that you'll
Help me reach the other side

When the morning comes the sun is out
And warms me up again
What a funny world it is for me
And all I'll never be

It's not enough, it's not enough
This feeling I'm feeling inside
Oh I know it I know tonight that I'll be

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слова песни Genesis - Alone Tonight

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