слова песни Galadriel - Strokes Of Desire, текст песни Galadriel - Strokes Of Desire

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слова песни Galadriel - Strokes Of Desire

In the Lilies, naked, and the rain
Is falling at me, at my trembling skin
In the flames, in desire's web
I feel you, Opium in my dreams

Sister of flowers, as darkness falls at you
At your innocence, as a black crystal of night
My serenade for your hot lips
I feel the sweat on your breast

My body lies resigned to you
Your eyes stroke me in desire of love

Like an ocean of fire and ice
Blinded by the strokes and sighs
As the rain flows down
Your leaves and even skin
As you're burning now
In moments of ecstasy

Lights of candles are dancing on your body
Strokes of your hands, I feel on my skin
Like swans in love in the lake

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слова песни Galadriel - Strokes Of Desire

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