слова песни Exhorder - The Law, текст песни Exhorder - The Law

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слова песни Exhorder - The Law

"Do What Thou Will, Shall be the Whole of The Law"
Aliester Crowley
There's a fire burning inside.
And you Barely stand on two feet.
There's Scars arranged all over you,
I'm governing my needs.
Hear an ego bleeding.
Regarding your thoughts
in intrepidity.
I'm in progression.
While you Regress
In Idolitry.
I'm Reading what i want to read.
You Read what you're expected to.
I'm Thinking what I want to think.
As your mind denies the TRUTH.
I don't need your elections
I don't need your systems
I don't need your Deities to Purge me.
What's so wrong with craving?
Satisfy Instinct.
Homo Sapien.
You want to Shit, Eat, Fuck, and Sleep....
It's Law vs Law.
I want to walk the streets with my genitals

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слова песни Exhorder - The Law

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