слова песни Exhorder - I Am The Cross, текст песни Exhorder - I Am The Cross

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слова песни Exhorder - I Am The Cross

I am Heartless
You will Fear Me day and night.
I reak of putrid mentality and
My aura's exuding might.
There is no way to stop Me
So take care what you try
Just remember that I am Me
And I stand not by your Side.
My mind retains no Sympathy
And it's banished Love too.
My lowest Retaliation
Keeps Me over You.
My children bear no gladness.
And soon they'll watch Die.
I am the Cross,
I am the Pain,
That leaves your dying Eyes..
Cowardly you run from me.
But can't you see?
An entity of horror is what I Remain
To infflict abominations is what I Gain
Recoil amongst your kin.
They'll soon be crucified.
Much the same, Manner as the man
You worshipped, died.
Waste not your time in prayer,
Because none escapes my Wrath.
The torn throats and infants
Of the plagues are just a trickle
In the tub of my bloodbath.
Just who on Earth do you think you
Are to challenge My Immortal Ways?
My indifference is real so
To My appeal keep on digging
Your own Grave.
Just when you thought it was safe
To resist My Reign

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слова песни Exhorder - I Am The Cross

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