слова песни Evemaster - Whispers, текст песни Evemaster - Whispers

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слова песни Evemaster - Whispers

Hear the thunder rising - clouds gather in the sky
Hear the wind whisper my name - the wind and pouring rain
The autumn thunder roars in the north - darkness falls down from the sky
My very soul wanders free in the woods - I hear the whispering voices again... and again...

I embrace my somber soul like a lover at death...
I feel my soul descent to netherworld... once again...

The moon lights up the horizon - I embrace you sister moon!
Your pale beauty enchanting the sons - of all races to be yours soon
A lonely wolf howls in the night - waiting for her to rise
This enchanted night is their own - so cold breeze through the woods...

Hear the thunder rising
clouds gather in the sky
My very soul wanders free in the woods
and they call my name again... and again...


Come forth O' children under the stars and take your fill of love...
(time after time - take what belongs to you)

Seething waters, dreary depths - Mother let the dark veil descent
Reveal, unmask your face - Through the darkest skies I gaze... set the sky ablaze!

I drink your sweet tears from the fountains of eternal life
I lust to see and feel more of your enamouring sides
But I watch the night break in to the dawn
I must leave now but I will return!

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слова песни Evemaster - Whispers

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