слова песни Eschaton - Enveloped In Misery, текст песни Eschaton - Enveloped In Misery

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слова песни Eschaton - Enveloped In Misery

Tormented existence,
creation of your own design
Trials of failure,
the scars are left behind
Intent on living
your self fulfilling prophecy
Incapable of reaching a higher destiny


Your callused soul
capsuled in rage
memories of happiness
long forgotten age

Enveloped in misery, lying in your grave
incapable of mercy, and the rest that you crave
these fatal truths, you fail to understand
Blood drowns your soul as you spit at my outstretched hand

Question not the scapegoat, but the image in the mirror
screaming reality, the glass is broken in horror
scattered shards lie cracked and broken
words worthless, unheard, but still spoken

Your dismissal of mercy
envelopes your life in misery
is it all worth the price
by which you abide

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слова песни Eschaton - Enveloped In Misery

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