слова песни Deceased - Midnight, текст песни Deceased - Midnight

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слова песни Deceased - Midnight

It's midnight!!!
The sharpened clock, it tells the time, and yes,
It all stands still
The missing link, a thousand worlds,
What does this all reveal?
A given time, another plane, a place for all escape
As every night, without the light, I am possessed with hate
Unlock the haunted room and gaze into dreams
Alone with the dead, rebirth is near
A zombie stare comes over me, begin my rushing pulse
The dark invades my open mind, which leads me to convulse
My tortured soul, my every thought detached away from me
My quest to kill has been fulfilled, for death's my only need
Unlock the haunted room and gaze into dreams
Alone with the dead, rebirth of an ongoing fear
It's now the time to begin your fate, when darkness falls,
You will obey
The gift of evil has come to thee,
And as my servant chant with me.....
"It's midnight, a time of killing ghouls, an hour of bloodshed,
A world where evil rules"
Yes, midnight, the time for all death to rise, at midnight
I feel the urge to kill!!!
I call death's tune and create doom,
my heart is black, unpure
My soul flies free, as insanity has now been reborn

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слова песни Deceased - Midnight

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