слова песни Deceased - Fading Survival, текст песни Deceased - Fading Survival

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слова песни Deceased - Fading Survival

In your mind defeat is fresh out of time, there's no more left
A morbid rush the growing fear a sudden flash and the end is here
A time to worry and a time to die unstable Earth has goodbye
Chaotic seizures fill our brains, convulsions steal our souls
Morbid battle of extinction, the hatred it unfolds
Universe of betrayal hidden by decay
Violent ending now in site eroding us away.....
Distant is the end at last the final call
Explicit horror is unleashed to evacuate our souls
A growing menace fading now survival seems unreal
Death is moving closing in waiting for the kill.....
Yes, Armageddon is intact and it has come for thee

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слова песни Deceased - Fading Survival

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