слова песни Crimson Moon - Kingdom Of Shadows, текст песни Crimson Moon - Kingdom Of Shadows

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слова песни Crimson Moon - Kingdom Of Shadows

Into the woods of bewitchment,
the whispering winds carry souls of the dead,
Unto the throne I am summoned (and) once again I rule the sunless sky.
In the kingdom of Shadows,
where the blood is the life,
and through the shadowed astral gates,
I enter thy kingdom to rule once more.

I offer the very life from my veins,
onto the altar of the Dragon.
One thousand voices of a race beyond are heard as I rise amongst the Spheres (stars).

Through the Shadowed woods of Torment,
my soul aches for her touch, onto the West shores of water,
I reach thy Kingdoms edge,
to embrace the cold winds of the Nocturne as I gaze into the Abyss.
The Eye of TIAMAT unleashes it's freezing stare.
The Dragon is awakened upon the kingdom denied by mortals -
all hail for chaos is embraced!

Upon the shadowed kingdom of darkness,
the Sun dares not to cast forth the light.
All that once was hidden from the view of MALKUTH shall become the wisdom of the Vampir -
who transverse thy Kingdom!

I rise through YESOD for from the blood I found life,
I ascend into the glorious Moonlight.
thy Kingdom is beauty,
thy Kingdom is pain.
In the Chaotic bliss of the shadows.

As my astral rises amongst the stars,
I journey towards the mystery of the ages to gaze upon the throne,
to ascend the pathways of wisdom.

I gaze into the birth of the Nigtsky,

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слова песни Crimson Moon - Kingdom Of Shadows

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