слова песни Comecon - Teuton Tandrums, текст песни Comecon - Teuton Tandrums

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слова песни Comecon - Teuton Tandrums

the long due union of east and west
freedom and peace brought on peaople's request
but the halo is solied and the cabbage's gone sour
teuton tantrums and a world to devour

what they call the union of prosperity and peace
is the conductor of economy's bringing europe to its knees

and it stars to go faster
vicious circle, downward spiral
the rich get richer and the poor begin to starve
pauperized masses told to paint the world brown
it's the merry-go-round to unravel the teutonic mind

sleeping beauty waking up again
coming soon to a theatre near you
unlished arayans, plague of locusts
all these years of peace to undo

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слова песни Comecon - Teuton Tandrums

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