слова песни Comecon - Democrator, текст песни Comecon - Democrator

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слова песни Comecon - Democrator

Who opened the door for the democrator?
And how come he let in the market-conquistadors?
Why is he acting as if he has something to hide?
The privilege of the stupid is to be taken for a ride

Gloomy working days
Bright TV-nights
There's a world ahead
We can also see it's lights
And the road there starts
On the other side
Of the screen, where life's
Endless mercedes-rides

Who opened the door...

So we smashed the screen
But it all went black
We tore down that wall
And we all sacked
The fruits of KDW
We were small to reach
The only thin g we got

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слова песни Comecon - Democrator

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