слова песни Cephalectomy - Omens Of Elder Creation, текст песни Cephalectomy - Omens Of Elder Creation

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слова песни Cephalectomy - Omens Of Elder Creation

Of infinite forms of malificent zenites
To the race of transverse spirits
Surmise the kingdom to golden scepter
Defy the ancient power and pass from thy gate
Open forth the gates of life given power
Bring forth a child to me
Hearken in impurity
From the gate ancient life given power...

Spirit... whom raised before me
Illuminator... of all impurity
Possess... the birth of man
I call... forth from sun

I call forth the ancient wisdom
I call forth the elder power
I call forth the golden scepter
i call forth life given darkness!!!

Fathers of the unholy night bring me forth your gift of life...

Form the birth from gate of night
Unholy birth from the fires of might
The birth of life of conquering light
That he may see and conquer all humanity

Sacrifice, Blood offerings, Remember!
Lord of the offerings of battle Remember!
The name of CTHAH666, Deity of...
In the covenant all is silenced...
The gate of life subverged upon ground
Thee i invoke... Come forth to me...
NKBA my child... BARRA! to the Earthen plane
'Tis the name that of Nergal...
Ye whoith be slayer of man and lions
God of war. Remember! Spirit of red planet, Remember!
In the name of this covenant, Remember!
God of the sacrifice of the blood of light...
The scarab has come from infinity
Invision the formation of unformed life
Opened the gate of life given power
Brought fourth a child to me
Coalesce in all impurity...Remember!!

Of infinite forms of malificent Zenites
To the beginnings of life given power
Conquer the kingdom of golden sword
Ia Nergal-Ya! Ia Zi Annga Kanpa!
Opened the gate of thy sphere
To one whom has no fear
Wielding the sword of destruction
Ia Nergal-Ya! Ia Zi Annga Kanpa!

Abound! Yet leap of inside the defiant gate of Ia Kanpa
The realm of earth has spread wide the demons liege
Populating the unknown land leapt from the gate of...
What would have been Nergal from his unabridged wisdom

Escape the land, lest ye perish
Deafen by the awakening of Evils
Watch thou the eyes behind me
Slayer of lions and man of kind

Destructive winds and storms are they
An evil blast, herald of the baneful storm
They are mighty Children, Ancient ones
The flood hath rushith through the land!

And the Circle shown before mankind
The liege broke forth upon the soil
In all millenniums none such as this
Barra Xul of Kia Thumathate!

And the ancient ones seek their vengeance upon the earth!
The child hath become form of war in the name of ...
The offspring of Marduk.
For lo! the Elders possess the sign By which the
powers of the ancient ones are turned back
Retrieve! Man has the name the number and the shape of our Covenant!
The true form is that! The true name is that!
The true number is that of CTHAH666... Retrieve and Remember!
To summon the blood of your parents and this is the Covenant Created by the elder gods
... Formed from blood of ancient ones
Man is the key by which the gate of IAK SAKKAK may be flung wide...

The ancient ones seek their vengeance upon the offspring of what would be Marduk!
Strike with the blood of elders Nergal hath done that of spirit if the Red planet well!
Of no fear for what is new came from that which was old...
And the elders shall rule upon the Earth!
And claim it as there own... The ancient ones call from the gate to return!
Brought fourth a new liege Punish Marduk in the
destruction of what would be his son...Nergal!

The Ancient ones surrounded Nergal and unleashed spears of infernal flame!
Nergal returned with taunts of blasphemy releasing serpents of poison!
The dark waters stirred... In rage the ancient ones returned with rays of unlife!
In quickness Nergal escaped and threw fourth flames of destruction!
One ancient perished... the dark waters raised... From hatred for Marduk...
The ancient ones of the number two of three grasped Nergal and sent through...
Light of Fire! And Nergal fell unbreathing the ancients turned to release...
The spell of Marduk upon the earth and Nergal awakened to plunge fourth...

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слова песни Cephalectomy - Omens Of Elder Creation

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