слова песни Cephalectomy - Sanctum To The Ungods, текст песни Cephalectomy - Sanctum To The Ungods

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слова песни Cephalectomy - Sanctum To The Ungods

Surmise the mystic realm
Ancient Ishtar, Queen to gods
Stands before thy gate, Enki
The ancient coven

Watcher to the gate hearken
And hear as it is written
Daughter of sin in siege
Enki is pale with fear

Lest i attack the coven
And break apart its barriers
Lest i attack its walls by force
Open forth the door

Forth the gates

Open forth the gates
Enki, king of saints
Ishtar stands i wait
For your graces

Uggaes time has come
Ishtars godless son
Kutu is the one

Open forth the gates
Ishtar will not wait
Uggae surpass the fate
Of your graces

Spawned in the dawn of darkness
With her gaze i stand to resist
Destroy those whom raise before me

Enki's mistress rises before me
With siege i call to the elders

Dark waters rise to destroy her
Her corpse, procession to my throne

Dark death gravery
I stand before you Absu
Dark Death Gravery
Challenge you for your throne

Absu lashed with spears of death
I summon the elders of time ago
With infernal fire i assail the abyss
And the demon spawned waves abound
Recant as the elders possessed within
Absu was pale with fear as believed
With sword i severed the demons skin
Upon Ishtar the body, head upon throne

Iak Sakkak has summoned his legion in haste
The truth of my eternal quest has passed upon
Insurged the liege rises against Iak Sakkak
Thy is he whom commands this plane infernal
Thy is he whom stands as overlord of all
Thy is he whom destroys all increpit and untrue

I arrived to besiege the gate of UR
Kurgarru sensing my presence cried out
Ereshkigal armed with fire arrived forth
Looked upon the queen of corpses and wept
With ray of fire he cried out in vein
Ereshkigal mighty in Cutha turned her face
With bolt of darkness i cried out in deaths name
Once more an ungod, and one more head to throne

Upon the corpse of Ereshkigal i gazed
Weeping the water of life of Enki
Upon the corpse of Ishtar i gazed
Removed my sword from its sheath of death

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слова песни Cephalectomy - Sanctum To The Ungods

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