слова песни You Me At Six - The rumour, текст песни You Me At Six - The rumour

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слова песни You Me At Six - The rumour

Well I am the cancer running through your veins
I am the sweat that's dripping down the side of your face
Well I am the pain in the back of your legs,
It makes you fall to your knees it makes you believe
And I am the headline, that's going to make front page news
I am that fashion that you're all into.

Well We had to try something different
We had to try something new
We had to make some heads turn
We had to put this to you

And I am the rumour on everyone's lips
I am the curse on your girlfriend's hips.
We are the different so we'll make a start
Tell all your friends, and sound the alarm.

I am that feeling, that you've done something wrong.
I am that friend, who knew all along.

We say we have our best friends yet we stab them in the back.
We try to show some love and, it's a skill that we lack.
I've had it with this crowd, I'm done with this town.
I've had enough of these shows and its over with you now.

Hold your hands in, into the air
Hold your hands as, as if you care
Oh hold on

Oh Josh Shit
Behind your back they talk about you all the time
Behind your back they spread some shit and spread some lies

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You Me At Six

You Me At Six: You Me at Six — британская рок-группа, сформированная в 2004 году. Сильное влияние на их творчество оказали такие американские рок-группы, как: Blink-182, Incubus и Thrice. Первую славу группа снискала в 2008 в связи с успехом их дебютного альбома Take Off Your Colours, который включал такие популярные синглы «Save It for the Bedroom», «Finders Keepers» и «Kiss and Tell». дальше >>

слова песни You Me At Six - The rumour

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