слова песни Jamie T - Northern line, текст песни Jamie T - Northern line

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слова песни Jamie T - Northern line

You were a no-show, down the jivin disco
My momma's at home getting pissed on vino when the kids buy draws but they're smokin bisto
My flow goes straight but it ends illegal and the regal sons get the purest bugel
And the bullies only pick on the young and feeble, now hey yo lets go mucho boozin
Sometimes you wonder what am I doing?
You move and you groove when you lose what you lose, and you lose what you groove and your moving away
And you move what you groove when you prove what you lose and you lose what you choose
And your moving away
Well ok, what happened this free state? straight to the barrier then run off away
I say what I mean but don't mean what I say was I right? no? oh-my-goody-gosh darn it
Chattin to barney from [?] with no barnet about how we sure do love it
A young son muppet with my ma's gin&tonic, & I'm pukin up all over your capri car bonnet

You got so much to take, too much always gonna waste your time
I need direction, always been crap on the travel as I read the signs
So shut your mouth love before I spit this track where the sun don't shine
Tick a tock the clock actin like a motherfucker drunk, fallin asleep on the northern line

All aboard! last train!

How would you feel gettin left alone he was a toned down original and stepped to toe
He was the bottomless bottles and the backwashed barrel
And the sikh who is son was thrown out and left farel[?]
Its all gone wrong in your life o answers
Users take AAA's art to charge us
Take you away from your hazy days
Rave life just a blur in the halls of dancers


Wakey wakey! hup ya step! one man band, eh?
What you doing? where ya where ya run from? where ya where ya two tone, where you been done?
What you doin, where ya where ya been? your holdin it down with your piece-meal heart

[random ska lines] give it away, I want yo money [etc]

[Chorus x2]

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слова песни Jamie T - Northern line

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