слова песни Jamie T - Calm down dearest, текст песни Jamie T - Calm down dearest

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слова песни Jamie T - Calm down dearest

Big bang, where we going what we doin this night
I feel drunk already maybe drink got spiked
But more likely of the like that I'm just a lightweight
Well I don't care man I've been drunk forever
I've sedated hatred I've sedated pages
I've sedated worthwhile cages stages and all of my rage
This is a good time to start dancing to this song man
A good one dj play the record on man

So where be Joey get us a drink a dimp of whiskey
And look at the lady she be shady but we maybe
What you doing where you going to there after
She said get the fuck out man you seem to be so plastered
And we be all the night drinking it staring at the girls alike
It's all good man what goes on drink your can
Walking it drunk down the Strand
And talk about how you missed the whole club queue
Well who the fuck are you

[Chorus x2:]
Heavy it's on my mind
Say you feel just fine
Racking stacking lines
I said calm down dearest

I remember shooting shit down the old alleyways
Talking tragedies of music like old Holiday
I remember what we doing and I don't remember now
It's the past it's the future
I don't know how to carry on though the rights and wrongs
Kick it like we know the songs
Already before we rock steady down and on the dancefloor
Well I don't get no fights when I get angry drunk
I sit down in the corner and I sulk my fucking socks off

So who the fuck are we? Just the boys in the city
It's all been done before and we do it again so
We'll see you later alligators
We'll be back I'm sure next week sitting in the bar you know
So good bye bye
We'll never try never to die but
We're so young we don't understand if we canna fly
So we're here now but we will be gone soon
But not today not tomorrow not the next tune

[Chorus x2]

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слова песни Jamie T - Calm down dearest

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