слова песни Viter - For the fire, текст песни Viter - For the fire

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слова песни Viter - For the fire

Fish is swimming in the pail
In a water drop ships gonna sail
In a water drop soul can’t be drowned
Well, that means that I’ll proceed to fall

Nightingale feels free in cage
Sings his song and he’s never fagged
This is not for him to tear headlong
He will never fall in love with one

And for the fire
There is no life if it doesn’t burn
In her heart it wandered in rime
But as well it never found her love

I gonna leave my home this day
And the stars I’ll fright away
Above the chasm I’ll watch them drift away
How cold and dark the meadow is today


I’m driving the winds
The winds I can lead
They’re at once overridden
But I’m falling so deep
I’m driving the winds
The skies are in a bridle
When I fly down in a rush, Earth
I will give you my kiss


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слова песни Viter - For the fire

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