слова песни Asher Roth - Nothing you can't do, текст песни Asher Roth - Nothing you can't do

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слова песни Asher Roth - Nothing you can't do

this life is all that matters
my time is all i have and
i came here to prove that,
theres nothing that you cant do.

im so annoyed with this world that we live in,
its hard enough just for us to make a liv-ing.
its the same thing over and over
but were only getting older and older
so were told 'get a job that safe,
cause dreams are too fake for us to chase'
this is my life if thats the case
cant i decide to design my fate?
if i wanna get high and wasted
then i will and no one can say shit.
i just hate that were caught in this matrix
the money we make, the government takes it.
then paves highways with no exits
just more ways to get caught in traffic
so i ask em, please do tell
what would you do if you could not fail?


yeah for real put the job on the shelf
take a deep breath spend time with yourself
say hi, introduce you to you
if you couldn't lose then what would you do?
whoopdedoo if you don't have a clue
none of us do when we first leave school.
you're a fool if you think that you're straight
cause you put on a suit and a tie everyday
and show up to a job that you hate
the only reason you're there is cause you're gettin paid
you waste your time, half awake for an employee discount and hourly wage
locked in a cage like a mouse with a wheel
patiently wait for an occasional meal
but without all the bills and the mail,
what would you do if you could not fail?


this is your life, take it back
your time here is all that you have
and its sad that some are wasting their health
working a job for somebody else
but someday i wanna be a dad
with a son to play catch with and teach how to bat
so with that i decided to rap,
and since then it ain't been that bad (cause)

(Chorus) x3

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слова песни Asher Roth - Nothing you can't do

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