слова песни Rise Against - Gethsemane, текст песни Rise Against - Gethsemane

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слова песни Rise Against - Gethsemane

It was the perfect night
Then you had to go and ruin it with a kiss now
I'm trapped inside here
The innocence we held once so carelessly has been suffocated in this breathless moment

Believe in me and I will believe in you
You're asking of me everything
So I'll give it all to you

With arms raised to the stars begging them to listen
With legs littered with scars cut from these olive branches
Now, point of return now crossed and our hands left shaking
Tonight we give in to tempation


Someone stop my mind from screaming
It's so loud I can her myself think
Life, Death, Religion, Survival
It makes no sense
Don't try to tell me that I'm a coincidence

[Chorus: Repeat 2X]

If I never have you, then I can never lose
Now, everything here is a lie
Where is the truth?
Where is the fuckin truth?

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Rise Against

Rise Against: Rise Against — американская панк-рок-группа, основанная в декабре 1999 года. К настоящему времени группой записано семь альбомов, два редких мини-альбома и два DVD. Успех к группе пришёл с альбомами Siren Song of the Counter Culture в 2004 году и The Sufferer & the Witness в 2006 году, песни которых, такие как «Give It All», «Swing Life Away», «Ready to Fall», «Prayer of the Refugee» и «The Good Left... дальше >>

слова песни Rise Against - Gethsemane

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